What is a Seabreacher? A high performance 2-seater supercharged watercraft capable of unmatched, freestyle jaw dropping maneuvers. Operates like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw – versus a two dimension plane of conventional watercraft. Seabreachers have characteristics of a stunt boat with roller coaster ...

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 · SEABREACHER 〒592-8343 2170 TEL. 072-262-9696 / FAX.072-261-2116 サイトへ


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Jetpack Adventures

About Seabreacher: Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience in one of modern engineering''s most recent marvels, the Seabreacher. Rocket above and below the surface inside a submersible watercraft that performs spectacular jumps and thrilling 90 …

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Innespace Seabreacher

Seabreacher is a boat builder in the marine industry that offers boats for sale in a variety of sizes on Boat Trader, with the smallest current boat listed at 17 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 17 feet, and an average length of 16.99 feet.

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Home of the semi-submersible Seabreacher custom watercraft. Unlimited paint schemes, custom interiors, and an awesome sound system. Sharks, Whales, Dolphins and more.

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 · Its SEABREACHER, a new watercraft by which you can do whatever you want in the lake or river. It looks like a fish but has a power of a motor boat and the experience of riding it is like a submarine, it is the combinations of all the water rides present in today''s time.

Seabreacher X

The Seabreacher represents a breakthrough in recreational sailing. More than 10 years of meticulous engineering have resulted in a unique vessel, totally different from what existed until now. Conventional boats operate only on a horizontal plane, while the Seabreacher operates exactly like an airplane, with 3 complete control axles, ailerons and rudder depth.


Actually, Seabreacher is not exactly a boat. To be more specific, it''s a high-performance, semi-submersible watercraft that can jump out of the water and give you the thrill of your life. It can dive up to 5 feet under water and then propel itself for 20 feet upwards. A retractable snorkel feature also allows you to do barrel rolls in the water.

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© 2020 by Seabreacher italia. The Ultimate Diving Machine! Seabreacher approda in Italia nelle sue 3 versioni, la prima con i suoi 230 cv, la seconda con 260cv e la terza da 300 cv per pirati più agguerriti, pronto a farti volare a pelo d''acqua ed allo stesso tempo, immergerti fino a 2 metri di profondità.

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Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher (or Sea Breacher) is a two-seat semi-submersible personal watercraft "submarine", with a shape based on that of a dolphin, and the ability to imitate a dolphin''s movement. History The watercraft was designed and developed by two ...

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You can find out more in-depth information about models, customisation and commercial opportunities by emailing us at [email protected] .nz. Please note, the Seabreacher is NOT considered a submarine. Each Seabreacher vessel is built to the customer''s specific requirements from start to finish, and is typically ready for delivery in 45-60 days.

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 · If any water happens to enter, it is automatically pumped out by bilge pumps. The Seabreacher was designed by Innespace, a California-based watercraft design company. "After over ten …

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Submarines for Sale

We have new & used Mini-Subs (small size submarines) for personal & resort recreation, filming, scientific research, water sports, luxury tourism purposes. We have as small as 3-pax semi-submarine and as large as 100-pax semi-submarines. Both used and new semi-subs are available for sale.

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Seabreacher Pilot - The GodPilot. Seabreacher Florida on Fox News Miami - Deco Drive Watch Deco Drive''s Chris Van Vliet experience the Mako Shark Seabreacher. Seabreacher Racing Bayfair San Diego - September 14th - 16th, 2018 Highlights from our 2nd ...


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Seabreacher X Model Shark Inspired

Seabreacher-X Model is the shark-inspired watercraft and has an aggressive shark-style appearance including 3D gills, angular fins, and a vertical shark-style tail fin. This Seabreacher''s shark-inspired sports submarine can do amazing aquabatic tricks like jumping (able to do 90° jump out of the water), diving, rolling, cruising, porpoising, sharp turns, etc.

Seabreacher X Watercraft

Seabreacher X Watercraft. The Seabreacher X is the most advanced submersible watercraft to come from Innespace Productions in Redding, California. The brainchild of New Zealand''s very own Rob Innes and USA''s Dan Piazza, the Seabreacher brings nature to machine and the results are mind blowing. Powered by a 260 hp supercharged engine the X ...

Seabreacher Australia

Seabreacher X. The Seabreacher X is the latest and most advanced submersible watercraft that we have built to date: This exciting new version is based on the dolphin-inspired Seabreacher J, but it has a more aggressive Shark-style body. The X model also steps up the performance envelope with a 260hp supercharged engine, propelling the vessel to ...

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Seabreacher Water Sports, . 11 · 22 . Jet Ski Rental, Flyboarding, Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding, Jetovator, Shred Sled, Banana Ride, Donut Ride Facebook Seabreacher Water Sports

Seabreacher boats for sale

Seabreacher boats for sale on Boat Trader are available for a swath of prices, valued from $85,000 on the most reasonably-priced watercraft all the way up to $85,000 for the most luxurious yachts. Higher performance models now listed come rigged with motors up to 300 horsepower, while affordable more functional models may have as low as 300 horsepower engines (although the average power size ...

Seabreacher X Model Shark Inspired

Seabreacher-X Model is the shark-inspired watercraft and has an aggressive shark-style appearance including 3D gills, angular fins, and a vertical shark-style tail fin. This Seabreacher''s shark-inspired sports submarine can do amazing aquabatic tricks like …

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